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Require Passivhaus level building energy efficiency by 2020
Aug 20, 2012 Zane S
Require Passivhaus level building energy efficiency by 2020

The German Passivhaus building energy efficiency standard reduces the energy consumed by buildings by 80-90%. It is technically feasible now, and in mature markets (like northern Europe) it can be met for less than a 10% capital cost premium. Sweden has effectively adopted it nationwide as the energy efficiency standard of their building codes. In the UK all new residences will be zero carbon by 2016 (largely by applying Passivhaus like building techniques) and this requirement will apply to all new buildings in the UK by 2019. We should put the city on a short-term path toward this standard as well, fostering the growth of a super-efficient construction industry in the region, and begin manufacturing the high value, high performance components that are required to support that industry: high efficiency heat pumps, HRVs and ERVs, highly insulating, airtight windows, pre-fabricated structural insulating panels, etc. If the entire country of Sweden can do it, and the entire UK is set to make the transition before 2020, then we can too. Minimizing energy demand will make the transition to renewable power much cheaper and easier.

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