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Camping lot for City of Boulder's homeless
Nov 30, 2012 Andrew V5

It is clear that Boulder has a large homeless population. It is often difficult to know how to feel about the homeless population, but the fact is, they are people. Currently, Boulder does not have adequate housing(long or short term) for the number of homeless folks in our city. This forces them to camp all around town, which is illegal. These tickets do not help our homeless, or deter camping, as shelter is a basic human need. Further, the most compassionate action we can take as a community is reach out and show we care about them.

By having a local campsite, we can demonstrate this at a low cost. This camping lot would allow for folks to have a safe place to sleep at night, while they get their life together. Additionally, it would help the city concentrate resources to one place, providing more efficient distribution.

Homeless people are not going to go away, and the best thing we can do to address the issues and ancillary issues homelessness causes is to be proactive in our approach.

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