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What are the core values that parks and recreation services should focus on given that funding is not unlimited?
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Partner with community organizations
Nov 27, 2012 Jason V2

There is incredible drive and significant resources in the Boulder community. The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance and the Boulder Nordic Club are two examples of organizations that are willing to put real work into helping Parks and Rec (not just asking for stuff, but putting boots on the ground or cash in the bank!). A tighter partnership with these groups would serve the department well, save money, and potentially lead to outsourcing some Parks projects that are better handled by such community groups to the experts in those communities - either as volunteers or as contractors to the city. This could also facilitate the expansion of low cost recreation opportunities, such as more groomed parks for nordic skiing and more recreational trails for biking at neighborhood parks. These respective communities would probably pay for all or part of the capital and O&M costs of these upgrades on their own, enabling Parks and Rec to expand recreational opportunities with little monetary expenditure. Even when some monetary expenditure is necessary, you can likely get significant community matching funds and volunteerism to leverage limited departmental resources.


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