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What are the core values that parks and recreation services should focus on given that funding is not unlimited?
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Add smaller similar services to most/all parks & rec centers
Nov 29, 2012 Scott G8

Almost every group/demographic/user of Parks and Rec have the same desires - more 'local' services at their nearest Park/Rec center. Whether Parents w/ Kids, Cyclists, Dog owners, walkers etc... each wants a little better service at the nearby park in order to reduce travel time and expense.

But Parks & Rec can't provide an identical level of service at all parks and rec centers -- it just doesn't make sense. However it does seem to make sense to offer beginner (smaller) levels of the same service in as many places as possible to reduce travel all over town. Water features(pop jets, pools,etc) in the summer for kids in more places than downtown, pump tracks trails that are locally and easily accessible, small dog parks to augment the large ones.

With this, I don't think we need identical services at every location -- i.e. Advanced Gymnastics doesn't need to be at all the Rec Centers but beginner Gymnastics would be nice. Giant pools in every park don't make sense but more pop-jets around town would be nice. We don't need Valmont Bike Park scale trails, but pump tracks would be nice. We don't need giant dog parks everywhere, but I imagine (not even owning a dog) it would be nice to have small ones.

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