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Performing arts center
Updated: Aug 20, 2012 Brian J3

Boulder needs a home for its many performing arts organizations. Even the Boulder Philharmonic doesn't have a real home. Macky Auditorium is too big (more than 2000 seats) and way too expensive for most performing organizations ($5000+ for a day). The few other stages in Boulder are too small. Many groups settle for churches, which are often too small or busy, and they're not meant for the performing arts. All the schools are unreliable because they have a clause in their contracts that allow them to kick anyone out at a moment's notice, which they have done.

For a city with a healthy performing arts culture, there are very few venues available.

A new performing arts complex could include a stage, a couple large rehearsal rooms, storage space, green rooms, offices, classroom/sectional rooms, a recital hall, and recording space - and it would all be used. There are many ensembles in the Boulder area that could use such a place. For instance, the Boulder Phil, Boulder Chamber Orchestra, Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras, Boulder Symphony, Boulder Bach Festival, MahlerFest, Colorado Music Festival, Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, and more. Each of these groups, their audiences, and the community at large would benefit and grow from an actual performing arts center.

A place like this would serve as a cultural hub, and could also house an art gallery, coffee shop, restaurant, and so on. The possibilities are endless.


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