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How do you currently use the Boulder Civic Area? What brings you back? What keeps you away?
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Amazing playground for kids of all ages
Aug 20, 2012 M M
Amazing playground for kids of all ages
A giant spider web play structure

Great cities have great playgrounds where toddlers and teenagers alike can play. There can be an area that is more appropriate for younger children, but then some "riskier" play structures, such as giant spider webs and ziplines for older kids. Play spaces for children allow entire families to spend time together--the kids can run around while the parents socialize nearby. This is partially why Eben G. Fine park is so successful. Additionally, teens from the local high schools can have a safe but engaging outdoor activity if the play space is correctly designed.

Another benefit of a playground is that children and families will utilize the space throughout the day, week and year, not only during farmers' market sessions. This might mitigate the current problem of transient domination in the civic area.


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