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What is your favorite park in Boulder ... and why?
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Singletrack bike trail from S. Boulder to N. Boulder
Nov 20, 2012 Jason L13

Wouldn't a single track mountain bike trail that goes from South Boulder to North Boulder be great. My vision for this trail would be to see it climb and descend many times up and down the foothills spanning Boulder. This trail would be great for a ride during a lunch break, a great way for tourists to see the city from the foothills, and allow Boulder to continue moving towards a more mountain bike friendly community. Lets give the kids a trail they can take the skills they learn at Valmont Bike Park to a trail they can ride from their house. Having mountain bike trails that are accessible from the city limits lessens Boulder's carbon footprint by eliminating mountain bikers need to drive to find a bike friendly trail and putting them where they belong...on their bikes.


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